The best Yokohama restaurant for oyster! It will be held until March 31.

I went to Oyster house in Yokohama with my friend once again. This oyster house is Pop-up store. It will be held until March 31.


There, we can eat Hiroshima oysters which has been carefully prepared with seasonal seafood.

My friend who lives in Yokohama said that her friends often go to this oyster house.

This Pop-up Oyster Store is very popular among the Yokohama people.

1oystercolla12PicMonkey Collage

It is Like a fish market. We choice Oyster,Japanese scallop,Octopus, ajillo, and so on….


In fact, we had another serving !!!  That was very delicious so we ate tooooooooo much.


Please be careful about a burn on the hand.You have to put on gloves( Oyster house lends you gloves ) When you eat oyster. It’s too hot!!


Let’s try again!!!  Grill thoroughly !!

The Oyster was juicy and delicious!!!


garlic toast  ajillo_0534

Octopus is my favorite food! Do you Know Ajillo? Ajillo is spanish style food. sauteed in olive oil and lots of garlic. I like this Ajillo style.

I saute all seafood !!


This shop is by the sea.

八景島 / sabamiso

Take the Seaside Line going toward Hakkeijima and get off at Hakkeijima.
It takes one minute to walk from the station to Oyster House.


The Oyster House is Open from  11/1— to 3/31 . Open: 10:30 am Close: 9:00 pm order stop 8:00 pm .

Irregular holidays

10, Uminokoen, Kanazawa-ku Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, 236-0013, Japan

phone number 090-5690-0088

This Pop-up store will be held until March 31. 2015



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